You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about ChickRx below. If you still have questions about using the site, or are experiencing any trouble, please feel free to email us:

What is ChickRx?

The About Us page provides an overview of the site. On the Team page, you can learn about our team.

Just how anonymous am I on ChickRx?

Whenever you ask a question, post an answer or a comment, or like something, you have the option to do so "secretly," which means you are doing that action anonymously (your username is not associated with it and it does not appear on your profile).

What are ChickRx's standards for writing?

ChickRx is a high quality community. We reserve the right to either edit or remove any posts that do not meet our writing standards (if that doesn’t sit well with you, just remember that no one wants a janky community, now do they?).

Infuse your own personality and flare into your writing—we’re all about that. But we do ask that your questions, answers and comments:

  • Strive for correct grammar and spelling.
  • Use respectful language. No bullying or judging (i.e., no mean girls, please).
  • Aim to be helpful and accurate. We’ll remove anything that reeks of spam.

And since we’re talking about health and wellness issues here, it’s important to remember that you should not attempt to: seek a diagnosis (by asking something too specific to just you), diagnose others or recommend that others undergo any procedures, take any medications, etc. (though of course you can speak about your own experiences). Please be sure to read and understand our Terms of Use.

Am I liable for what I write on ChickRx?

You are responsible for what they write on ANY website, not just ChickRx. That being said, our site and our Terms of Use contain disclaimers that help protect our experts and our members. If you’d feel more comfortable additionally including your own disclaimers with your posts, please feel free to do so.

That being said, please read our Terms of Use to learn more about the information you find on our site.

Who are ChickRx experts?

Users who post to our service are labeled an “expert” if they provide ChickRx with certain background information. ChickRx does not verify or otherwise investigate these Users or any of the information they post. All information provided by Users is the sole opinion and responsibility of that User, and provided to you for informational purposes only. In no event will ChickRx be responsible for any posts, comments, or other content submitted by its Users, or for your use of any of the foregoing. For more information, please review our Terms of Use.

How does “liking” and "secretly liking" work?

You can keep tabs on things that interest you by "liking" or "secretly liking" them. When you're logged into ChickRx, you will see the items you've liked and secretly liked listed along with numbers indicating the amount of new activity in each, where relevant. You may also be notified by email of new activity in items you've liked or secretly liked. When you like something, this activity is displayed on your profile, but when you secretly like something, it is not displayed on your profile (unlike other websites, we get that not everything you're interested in needs to be public!)

If someone likes or secretly likes me, what can they see?

People may want to like or secretly like you because they think you have interesting insights and opinions, as you express in your public questions, answers, comments and likes. When someone has liked or secretly liked you, they never see what content you view on the site or anything you do secretly. No one, whether they "like"/"secretly like" you or not, can see these things.

How old must I be to use ChickRx?

You must be at least 13 years old to use ChickRx. Some of our site’s content is geared to a more mature audience, so we encourage you to check back in your later years, kiddos.

How do I delete my account?

Please email us:

How can my company advertise on ChickRx?

Great question. While we do not currently have advertising on ChickRx, if you’re interested in advertising in the future, please email us:

What should I do if I'm experiencing a medical emergency?

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local emergency number (911 in the United States) immediately.