Gulus Emre's team member photo
  • Gulus Emre
  • Editorial Intern
  • Previous Life: Student
  • School: Harvard
  • Fact: Never leaves home without a book.
Jen McPherson's team member photo
  • Jen McPherson
  • Comedian
  • Previous Life: Writer for Swagger LA, Good / Bad NYC, Paper Spaceship & Whoa magazine
  • School: UCLA
  • Fact: Has not lived one day without red nail polish on her toes and hands since she was fifteen.
Kendrick Taylor's team member photo
  • Kendrick Taylor
  • Director of Engineering
  • Previous Life: Pool hall cook, Government contractor
  • School: James Madison
  • Fact: Writes code for fun, considered playing pool for a living.
Megan Cedro's team member photo
  • Megan Cedro
  • Illustrator
  • Previous Life: Former makeup artist, now concentrating mainly on painting & illustration.
  • Fact: Loves the number 4, anteaters and sunshine.
Meghan Muntean's team member photo
  • Meghan Muntean
  • Co-Founder
  • Previous Life: Barclays Wealth, Lehman Brothers
  • School: Princeton
Paige Panter's team member photo
  • Paige Panter
  • Marketing Intern
  • Previous Life: AmeriCorps VISTA in Waco, Texas
  • School: Baylor University
  • Fact: Inspired by estate sales, good food and well done mobile apps
Stacey Borden's team member photo
  • Stacey Borden
  • Co-Founder
  • Previous Life: 85 Broads, Apple (intern)
  • School: Harvard (BA & MA)
  • Fact: Related to the guitarist from The Doors