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Amy Jo Martin is an entrepreneur, writer, social media influencer, and super cool lady we want to be like.

Amy Jo has come a long way from the trailer home she grew up in. She recognized the power of social media long before everyone else caught on, and she's helped celebrities like Shaq and The Rock build their online followings. Amy Jo founded the company Digital Royalty to help companies, sports teams, and other celebrities grow and monetize their online followings, and with the publication of Renegades Write the Rules, she's become a New York Times best-selling author.

We are fans of Amy Jo not only because she's envisioned and achieved such wild success, but also because she wants to bring everyone else along too, empowering others with the tools to be crazy successful. We also admire Amy Jo's spirit and thoughtfulness toward life, which we've gleaned from her writings and you can get a taste of through her advice here:

ChickRx: As an entrepreneur, do you have any tips for maintaining an inner sense of calm and managing stress while kicking butt at work?

Amy Jo Martin: Life and work can get pretty stressful at times, so I make sure I schedule a daily Ready, Set, Pause into my calendar, usually about eight minutes long. I put on my headphones and relax while listening to two songs. When I am finished, I feel refreshed and ready to continue. The concept of taking an “adult time out” to reset and refocus is one of the best things you can do to manage your stress level and increase your productivity. I believe in designing your own day. After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Social media never stops, so it's not necessary to be in front of a desk to be productive. Sometimes taking your laptop outside or taking conference calls from the top of the mountain allow for more creativity. It's all about innovating your day and approach to life. I encourage my team to take the same approach to their own day.

ChickRx: How do you think we can use social media to improve our own wellbeing?

Amy Jo Martin: One of the great things about social media is that you can find support and advice from like-minded people who believe what you believe. Geographic barriers no longer hold us back from communicating with others. We are only bound by the speed of technology. Social media also allows us to scale the act of good much faster than ever before. I realized this during the 2011 Japan earthquake, and more recently during Hurricane Sandy. Important information can be disseminated in real-time to those who need it; no need to wait for televised news. Helping others is one of the best ways to improve your well-being.

ChickRx: What are your favorite lessons or tips from your new book Renegades Write the Rules?

Amy Jo Martin: Design your own day, because how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Take risks, experiment, and fail early. When everyone else hops on the bandwagon, their failing process begins as you begin to win. Then share your lessons with others. Lastly, ask forgiveness rather than permission, but make sure you bring your results with you.

ChickRx: You've written that bliss is where passion, purpose, and skills collide--what tips do you have for finding your purpose?

Amy Jo Martin: You have to find your why. In the words of Simon Sinek, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. It’s not an easy thing to discover; some people never do. I always encourage people to spend some time pondering why they do what they do because finding my ‘why’ profoundly changed my life and led me to my Royal Bliss: helping others do difficult things.

ChickRx: What's your greatest passion in health, wellness, or happiness, whether a charity, a movement, etc.?

Amy Jo Martin: My passion is helping others help others through social media education. In 2011 I launched a new division of my company, Digital Royalty University, to help educate corporate brands, personalities, celebrities, and athletes on the power of social media. More recently, we expanded Digital Royalty University to include all individuals, not just companies and brands. Our social media and personal branding classes are now available online. For every class purchased, a class will be given to a teacher, through our Teach For America partnership. Studies show that more parental involvement increases student achievement. Teach for America Teachers are placed in low-income school districts, where many parents work more than one job, often outside traditional work hours. Through social media education, we hope to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers to accelerate the learning process.
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