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Pregnancy Weight Gain Can Lead to Obesity

The one time in your life that you're allowed to literally eat for two... and now that's a no go? Well, researchers found that gaining more than the recommended amount of weight over the course of a pregnancy could lead mothers to become obese later in life and to develop complications such as high blood pressure.

The study compared pre-pregnancy measurements from 3,877 women to the same measurements taken 16 years later. The researchers found that women who gained more than the recommended pregnancy weight were three times as likely to be overweight, obese, or "apple shaped" (with fat deposits around their middles). Women who did not gain more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy had a lower risk of becoming overweight or obese. It sounds so perfectly rational, but what happens if your baby really only has a taste for pizza and peanut butter milkshakes?

The Institute of Medicine 2009 guidelines suggest that women who are overweight when they become pregnant should only gain 7 to 10.5 kilos (15.4 to 23 pounds) and that women who are obese only gain 5 to 9 kilos (11 to 19.8 pounds) over the course of their pregnancies. This study found that, on average, overweight women actually gained 11.9 kilos (26.2 pounds) and obese women gained 10.1 kilos (22.2 pounds)--both above the recommended amount. Interestingly, women who were underweight when they became pregnant were found to gain the recommended amount of weight.

You obvi want to do what's best for that squid in your belly. But when you get your fourth muffin craving of the day, just remember that butt cheese doesn't go away overnight.


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