Book It to the Bedroom

"Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex"

The Issue: You were taught how to be a lady on the street, but what about a freak in the bed?

The Fix: Moregasm, a veritable orgasm bible written by Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning, the co-founders of sex-toy-heaven Babeland. Yeah, while we're all for a good read on the train, save this one for at-home perusing instead of your morning might get you a little verklempt.

Written from a woman's perspective in a happy and unintimidating tone, this map to El Dorado is a real-world comprehensive sex guide. It's appealing to almost everyone, as it covers everything from the basics (such as establishing the "Lay of the Land: Your Body") to the hot and adventurous (such as toys, exercises, positions, techniques... all that racy stuff). Their philosophy is that everyone could learn more about how to have great sex both with a partner and themselves ("jacking off is easy, jilling off can be tricky").

Our expert, NYC sex coach and sexuality educator Amy Levine says, "This book is organized better than any other book in that the design is well thought out, engaging and visually appealing. Each chapter is broken down into bite-sized morsels of info." Indeed, the book is chock-full of digestible, useful sex tips--all wrapped in a fresh, chic design that would surely be on Samantha Jones' coffee table.

To teach you how to have great orgasms, the book explores various practical sex topics through relatable Q&A (there are no dumb questions--and you might be surprised by what you don't know), diagrams and tips and discussions around featured sex topics. Take, for example, the section on vibrators. Here you'll learn what you should know about how to choose a vibrator, differentiate between materials, take care of your toy and where and how to use it.

Another thing that sets the book apart from its counterparts is the authors' healthy, happy and down-to-earth tone. Levine explains, "This book provides a healthy perspective on sexuality" and is great "no matter if you're having sex by yourself or with a partner of any gender."

To give you a sense of the Babeland chicks' perspective on getting satisfied and the types of things you'll learn how to do from this book, check out, for example, the headings from the Babeland Sex Bill of Rights (Chapter 4):

1. Remember you are sexy--the whole of you, inside and out.
2. Love yourself first.
3. Enjoy the journey.
4. Own your own orgasm.
5. Ask for what you want.
6. Take charge of safer sex.
7. Use lubrication.
8. Laugh.
9. Don't be afraid to make a mess.
10. Keep growing.

The Babeland chicks know their sex--and after Moregasm, you will too. Available for $22.50, Moregasm teaches you how to become more satisfied and have fun with sex in a way that puts you at ease--and as we all know, getting off just ain't gonna happen without that.


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Anonymous commented
This is a great book! Lots of good, straight forward information without judgement
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