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Spring Vibrator by Fun Factory

The Issue: You've been holding out, but there's no need to feel awk... seems like every chick has a vibrator these days. Problem is, you have no idea where to even begin when it comes to picking one out.

The Fix: Anyone who has ever gotten their mitts around The Rabbit knows that that shit looks pretty frat guy in a Lifetime movie aggressive. But thankfully, Fun Factory's Spring Vibrator has all the bells and whistles, while still looking like an unintimidating beginner's toy (it's pink with a flower--does it get more innocent than that?).

Our expert, NYC Sexuality Educator & Sex Coach Amy Levine explains, "For a first time vibe, I suggest looking for something that seems like it will be fun to use (rather than intimidating to you or your partner), has varying speeds, a soft texture, a purposeful yet discreet shape, and enough power without being excessively loud." We know that no one needs to have what sounds like a team of gardeners coming out of their apartment in the middle of the night.

Spring fits the bill for a first time vibe. Made from silicone, it has a soft, velvety texture and is 100 percent waterproof, meaning it's also a fun bath friend. It has eight finely tuned intensity levels, three types of intervals (or hums), and is rechargeable, so it's also environmentally friendly. Such sexually charged do-gooders, we are.

Levine vouches for the brand, saying, "Fun Factory is one of my favorite sex toy companies, as they are known for their amazing designs, state-of-the-art functionality and high quality." This particular pick is $74, but Levine says, "I believe in spending money on shoes, watches and sex toys, so a quality product like this is worth the money--you'll likely get more bliss for your buck."

Levine lends some tips on how to use the vibrator. Since Spring is made of silicone, don't use a silicone lube with it, as they'll "rub each other the wrong way, so to speak, causing the toy to deteriorate." When using the toy, Levine recommends being creative, "It can also feel great to hold a vibrator against hot spots like the nerve-packed clitoris, perineum (the stretch of skin below the vaginal opening to the anal opening), or other areas you find erogenous." And, you can use it on your partner too, "so long as the material isn't porous (silicone is non-porous which is good) and is properly disinfected (so STDs aren't transmitted between you and your partner if someone is infected)."

Ultimately, choosing a vibrator is a very personal decision (obvi, right?), but Spring is a great starter option for everyone. And if the thought of dealing with a sex shop salesperson makes you blush more than an orgasm does, just pick one up online. They'll even ship it to you in discreet packaging.

Still not sold? How does the idea of running late for work and still having time to water your flower between mascara applications sound? That's what we thought. Multiple speeds, people. Multiple speeds.


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