Hangover Helper

Emergen-C & Vita Coco Coconut Water

The Issue: You've got places to go and people to see, but you're lucky just to make it out of bed when you're hung over like hell.

The Fix: To help get rid of that overall crappy feeling after a night of partying, down this powerful combo: Emergen-C and Vita Coco Coconut Water.

According to our expert, Chicago registered dietitian Andrea Garman, "Alcohol has a diuretic effect--which is the reason you want to wait to ‘break the seal,' lest you find yourself running to the little girls' room all night long. So a large part of the reason you might feel like something the cat dragged in after a night of partying is that you're simply dehydrated." Drinking alcohol also "impairs absorption and enhances excretion of B vitamins," Garman explains. So the key to cure a hangover is both rehydration and vitamin repletion.

To get the vitamin fix you need, Garman recommends vitamin drink mix Emergen-C. Each packet provides seven B vitamins and, as an added benefit, 1,000 mg Vitamin C, a well-known antioxidant. You can buy individual packets for less than $1 at supermarkets and drugstores, or you can buy them in bulk (so they come to less than $0.50 each). Pour a packet of acai berry, tropical, raspberry, lemon lime or one of several other flavors into a small glass of water and voilà: a fizzy drink that's naturally energizing and replenishing.

To rehydrate, Garman suggests drinking coconut water--and not because it's trendy these days. "Coconut water contains five essential electrolytes to help replete and repair the damage from last night," Garman explains. She's a fan of Vita Coco Coconut Water, which costs $23 for a 12-pack and is available through Amazon, as well as a large variety of supermarkets and drugstores, if you just want to pick one up on the fly. We like Vita Coco because it comes in a variety of flavors that all sound delish, like acai & pomegranate, peach & mango, pineapple, tangerine and natural. It's also slightly cheaper per ounce than popular brand Zico. Vita Coco is fat and cholesterol free with no added sugar (the natural flavor has 60 calories per 11.2-ounce drink).

When you get home from a crazy night, down some Emergen-C and Vita Coco to help prevent feeling like shit the next morning. Or, if you find yourself waking up with no idea how you even got home the night before, be grateful you're safe and reach for our fave duo to make the room stop spinning.


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