I am being treated for SIBO. Is one antibiotic better than another for this? My dr. diagnosed me with this from symptoms.

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Christina Estrada (Certified Master Elite Trainer) answered
Your doctor will be the best judge of which antibiotic to take as he/she may know which type(s) of bacteria are in excess.

Some things you may want to do to aid in this treatment are:
  • Avoid snacking in between meals to allow your intestines time to empty.
  • Find a probiotic supplement or eat more yogurt, buttermilk, or miso.
  • Avoid eating too much sugar as it is difficult for your gut to absorb. Even natural fruit sugar, called fructose, should be eaten in moderation. Try eating strawberries and bananas rather than oranges, apples, and pears.
  • Eat a well balanced diet. Include fiber with each meal. It will help clean out your intestinal tract.
You may want to seek a second opinion with a holistic practitioner to see if other conditions may be causing the SIBO or may be caused because of the SIBO.

God bless, and feel better soon!
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