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Dr. Debra Jaliman, MD (Dermatologist) answered

Dark circles can occur for a few reasons. The most common cause is sun damage, which leads to extra brown pigment under the eyes. Or, since the skin under the eyes is the thinnest in the body, sometimes the blood vessels show through and appear dark. People with darker skin, and especially those of Mediterranean descent, are predisposed to getting dark circles.

There are several OTC products, as well as prescription treatments, that can help lighten the under-eye area. Look for products with retinol, vitamin c, peptides or alpha hydroxy acids. Hydroquinone is also helpful, as it interferes with the cellular chemical reaction that produces pigment.

Two products that I think work well to help reduce dark pigmentation and brighten skin are Lumixyl and Perle, available in doctors' offices without a prescription.

Make certain to use a SPF 30 daily to prevent further darkening.

If you also have under-eye swelling, you might want to try an antihistamine cream to reduce the swelling. You can also use ice packs for 10 minutes daily and sleep with your head elevated.


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MichelleG commented
instead of buying chemically treated products, use green or chamomile tea bags. Reduces swelling, lightens circles under eyes and have relaxing scent. Just run cold water over tea bags for 30 seconds, squeeze extra water out of them and lay on eyes for 10 minutes. Morning, afternoon or night time use. And don't have to wash off the products people are suggesting to buy. And cheaper.
aditi answered
Also, if you're looking for a quick day-to-day fix to address a night when you might've gotten less sleep than you liked, I just bought an awesome product -- a tinted eye brightener from Bobbi Brown -- that seems to do the trick! I'm sure there are others out there like this, but this was just the one I tried. Anyway, it's obviously not a substitute for longer-term care and any of the medical suggestions above, but for those of us that want to look like we got 8 hours of sleep when we got 5, it's a good option and is super easy to use! Hopefully that helps!
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MichelleG answered
Green tea or chamomile tea bags work too. In morning, (or any time) wet the bags with cold water. Squeeze extra water out of them. Lay down and place tea bags on eyes, make sure they cover the skin under the eyes. 10 minutes. Swelling is gone and dark coloration is lightened. This works for women that don't wear cover up makeup or foundation. Can do it at bedtime too to relax and take swelling away that you got during the day. Green tea is a natural skin moisturizer and chamomile is refreshing and has a relaxing scent. Cold water is better for facial skin than warm or hot water. It relaxes the pores and opens them up.
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haleema answered
tea bags can do u good as well or cucumber and ice cube but dont use it striaght away from the freezer this will hurt your eyes leave out of freezer for few seconds ! 
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Anonymous answered
Just continue use with an all natural eye cream, which tightens the skin under and near the eyes, giving you less of a chance to get bags and dark circles, and especially wrinkles!
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maevins answered
I use a baking soda and egg white works on lightening and tightening. I have both and it is all natural products.
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